Conga + DocuVault

Conga Composer is a powerful set of Salesforce add-ons designed for fast, flexible and accurate utilization of Salesforce  data. Conga Composer streamline the creation and distribution of Salesforce reports, customized presentations and documents in multiple file formats for unlimited use cases across all organizations and industries.

DocuVault is a secure file storage and collaboration App that lets users upload and access large files from within Salesforce. Files are stored in Amazon S3 (cloud storage platform) and can be accessed securely from anywhere and on any device.

Standard Conga Composer uploads documents to the attachments section of a Salesforce record. Salesforce file storage is restrictive and expensive for companies dealing with lot of documents. Documents generated from conga composer can be directly uploaded to AWS S3 and can be accessed from the related list section of the salesforce record.

Given below are the benefits of using DocuVault for Conga.

1) Reduce file storage costs
2) Organize documents in folders
3) Ability to customize the document management process


Transform your Salesforce Document Management
with DocuVault


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