ProntoForms + DocuVault

ProntoForms offers out-of-the-box two-way connectivity with Salesforce, allowing field users to submit forms directly to the cloud and create and update customer records automatically. Prontoforms also has the ability to capture images and documents from the mobile device and push them to Salesforce.

Salesforce file storage is restrictive and expensive for companies dealing with lot of documents. Out of the box integration of ProntoForms for documents has lot of limits and restrictions. DocuVault leverages Prontoforms native integration with AWS S3 to seamlessly link the files to a Salesforce record.



1) Prontoforms pushes all Documents (PDF Reports and Images) captured from the mobile form to an Amazon S3 Bucket. The filename contains the Pronto Report ID or SF Record ID.
2) Use AWS bucket notification feature whenever a new files gets inserted in an AWS bucket. The Notification is sent to AWS SNS
3) Use AWS SNS (Simple notification Service) to push the file details as a message to Salesforce. The message contains details like File Name, Size, Pronto Report ID, File Type etc
4) Salesforce receives the message from SNS and process the requests
5) Based on the message details Salesforce creates a Cloud File record ID under the related Account Record (Based on Pronto Report ID or SF Record ID)
6) Files can be Downloaded securely from within Salesforce using DocuVault
7) Based on File Naming convention, File links can be updated to relevant fields on Account object

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