Dropbox, Box and Google Drive are the popular file storage Apps available on the cloud. All these platforms have an integration with Salesforce. Here are 5 reasons why you should chose DocuVault.

1) Built for Salesforce : DocuVault is completely developed on the Force.com platform. Except File storage which is on Amazon S3 all the other components reside within Salesforce. Being a native Salesforce App all the standard functionality like chatter, reporting, workflows and approvals, roles and profiles for file access can be used for DocuVault. The same does not apply for Box, Dropbox or Google Drive

2) Customer Portals and Communities : Businesses need to buy separate Box or Dropbox Accounts for the integration to work. This makes it very difficult if you want to expose Document Management functionality in your customer/partner portals. The reason being it is not practical to buy a separate box or dropbox accounts for all your salesforce portal user logins.

3) File Access Permissions : DocuVault follows Salesforce security model (CRUD-Create, Read, Update and Delete) for file access permissions. A Salesforce Admin can control file permissions for each and every user by using roles, profiles and sharing rules. Box and Dropbox have a separate security model and is not as powerful as Salesforce. Moreover a Box or Dropbox user can easily change the folder of a file or grant access permission to other users.

4) Customization and Integration : Being a native Salesforce App DocuVault can be easily customized to suit your business needs. For example you can have users upload an Attachment to a Web2Case form or automatically create a Quote PDF and attach the file to the Quote record with a click of a button. DocuVault also works with popular Salesforce Apps like TaskRay, CongaMerge, FinancialForce etc.

5) Cost : Box and Dropbox Business Accounts start at $15 per month per user. DocuVault is much cheaper than Box and Dropbox.