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The most powerful document management app available for salesforce. Check out our list of incredibly useful features.

Add Files to any Salesforce Record

With DocuVault users can upload multiple files with the click of a button or simply drag and drop multiple files into the salesforce record and files get uploaded automatically. DocuVault works with both standard and custom salesforce objects

File Request

Salesforce users can create unique file request links which can be shared to customers who do not have Salesforce access. Customers will be able to attach files using the File Request link. Once the upload is complete all the files get attached to the relevant Salesforce record with an option of the Owner of the record getting notified. This can completely eliminate the use of Email or other systems for Document Collection

Salesforce Security Model

DocuVault follows Salesforce security model (CRUD-Create, Read, Update and Delete) for file access permissions. Admins can control file access to each user using the Salesforce Record sharing Model (Roles, Profiles, Sharing rules and Organization-Wide Sharing Defaults)

Organize Files in Folders

Salesforce does not allow you to organize files into folders under any record. Especially if you have a lot of documents related to a record then finding the attachments is a problem. With DocuVault you can organise files into folders which can be easily accessed later


Being a native Salesforce App all the standard functionality like process flows, triggers, custom fields, workflows and approvals, apex and visualforce can be used to customize your document management process

File Sharing

Individual files and folders can be shared with non Salesforce users as public and password protected links. Salesforce users can share confidential documents as password-protected links or set expiration dates

image annotations

Image Annotations

Salesforce and community users can add point comments to an image file. Users can add comments to an image and collaborate with team members using chatter. This feature is available for image file type only.


Recognize and organize images without downloading from a desktop, tablet or a mobile device. Users can organize image files into folders and share them as an image album with customers/partners.

Short URL

File links can be shortened and shared via email and mobile using Google URL shortener

Customer and Partner Communities

Customers and partners can view and upload documents using Salesforce Communities

File Preview

View image and pdf files without downloading using the file preview functionality

Web to Lead/Case Attachments

Standard Salesforce Web to Lead/Case does not allow users to upload files as attachments. By using this feature a user can upload a file from a Web to Lead/Case form.

File Versioning

Upload unlimited versions of a file with the ability to restore an older file

Utility Tool

Easily migrate existing files from salesforce, local file servers to AWS S3 using the utility tool


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